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The Finds is a carefully sourced collection of affordable, high quality gold-plated jewelry that are current and timeless.

Amsterdam based and working with highly experienced craftsmen, we create jewelry that is made to wear and to last. Our pieces are designed to be worn for years to come, rather than being a one-season trend.

Every piece is designed to be a glowing addition to your personal styling; a crisp white shirt, classic jeans or a strong suit. The Finds is affordable luxury. Our mission is to make women shine! 


Our inspiration comes from you; authentic, radiant, confident women. 

Your effortless style is the look and feel embodied by The Finds. Just like your pair of well-worn jeans, your favorite dress or your most comfortable sneakers – our jewelry is “made to wear.” 

Each and every woman styles her Finds in her own unique way. We invite you to put your personal touch on the pieces and make the jewelry your own. With The Finds you can create or emphasize your look and mood of the moment.

50% of our collections consist of “classics”. Jewelry that will never (ever) go out of style. They are the stable basis of the brand. On top of that we introduce new items every two months. Items that fit the season or current trends and sometimes we might even create a trend..

Buy with confidence – one year warranty

The Finds jewelry is made to make you sparkle for years to come. Every piece is crafted in durable brass and plated with hard-wearing 18k gold to a thickness of 3 microns. This combination of high-quality materials ensures that our jewelry will remain beautiful and retain its shine for years. We call that jewelry that is “made to last”. 

The gold plating takes place in France and we work with top jewelers, who commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices to produce high-quality pieces. Because we stand by the quality of our jewelry, The Finds offers a ONE YEAR warranty on all products.


We strive to provide top-quality pieces at reasonable prices. We believe that premium quality products shouldn’t necessarily come with premium price tags. 

Affordable doesn’t mean inexpensive or cheap, but rather is about versatile pieces that are worth investing at reasonable prices.


As a small business, we do our best to making sure our work has little impact on the environment. Our pieces are designed to be worn for years to come, rather than being a one-season trend.

For our packaging, we try to find the best type of packaging with the lowest environmental impact. We use organic cotton for our jewelry pouches and the envelopes we use are made of brown FSC-certified kraft paper. The inside is made of environment-friendly bubble wrap and can be recycled.

In the meantime, we hope that you will keep our cotton pouches to protect your jewelry from light and humidity. Plus, they also prevent your jewelry from becoming tangled and mixed up. Use the cotton pouches when you're not wearing your jewelry and when you're travelling.



“Once you stop looking for what you want, you find what you need.”

This is how The Finds was born. I have always had an eye for unique, cost-friendly alternatives when it came to jewelry. As a dreamer and a doer, I also knew that I wanted to share these finds and make them accessible to women who appreciate high quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

In 2015, I started searching for stylish yet affordable gold-plated jewelry to wear myself. I soon discovered my girlfriends were fans, and then their friends became intrigued with my personal collection. There was all this interest – without a brand name, store or website. There was a need.

After years as a marketer, working for other major international brands, it was time to build my own brand. I looked at existing companies, researched the industry and developed my own view of made-to-wear jewelry. The Finds is a brand built by the need for stylish jewelry that is made to wear and made to last. It is also built by the love of family and friends – where I am able to work with my daughter and a group of passionate people who help bring my vision to life. Together, we want to make everyone sparkle!