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BEK+MERI Bilum Bag
BEK+MERI Bilum Bag
BEK+MERI Bilum Bag
BEK+MERI Bilum Bag
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BEK+MERI Bilum Bag

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    Overzised, handmade, 100% natural bag with iconic "knot tie shoulder strap"

    Made in Papua New Guinea by BEK+MERI 

    • Color: natural
    • Size: approx 45x30cm, shoulder strap length 70cm
    The story behind the bilum: being handmade, each bag is a unique, bespoke piece.
    Deeply woven into all aspects of social and cultural identity in PNG, each bilum is unique and symbolic, telling real life stories of people, communities, places and events. Traditionally used to transport goods and babies, they are extremely strong, durable, versatile and expansive. The natural fibre “bush rope” bilums are made using 100% plant materials, meaning that they are ethically and sustainably made. They are handcrafted from woven yarn, by a traditional method known as “knotless netting”or “looping", an ancient craft that has been passed down from generation to generation over centuries. This is a time consuming process - from sourcing and collecting the plants, to beating, drying, twisting, dying and weaving, a single bag can take 4-8 weeks to make. Being handmade, each bag is a unique, bespoke piece.

    The brand BEK+MERI:

    Bek & Meri is a brand built primarily to empower the women of PNG. In PNG, and certainly in the poorer, remote rural villages, it is the women who are the sole income earners in a family. Made almost predominantly by the women, the money generated from the sale of bilums goes directly back to the artisan and her family, helping pay for everyday essentials such as food, housing, healthcare, running water and education for her children. Often the sale of bilums in PNG is restricted to locals or passing tourist traffic at market stalls. It is a mission of Bek & Meri to increase the profile and awareness of these iconic bags by bringing them to the international community. In doing this, Bek & Meri hopes to be able to provide a regular, reliable and ongoing income stream for these women, her family and her community.


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