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At the Finds we are committed to making women shine, and to share the sparkle of life, by building a community that radiates positivity. One perfect way to make someone shine is by gifting jewelry from The Finds - either to yourself, a friend, a sister or a daughter. Highlighting and celebrating someone’s personality with the glow of gold always feels like a compliment. Let’s Share the Sparkle!
The Finds presents a collection of jewelry that is made to wear and made to last. Most of these pieces are our own designs; a few additional items are carefully selected to fit in with our curated collection. Our pieces are designed to be worn for many years, rather than just one season. 

This is why The Finds jewelry is crafted in durable brass, plated with hard-wearing 18k gold to a thickness of no less than 3 microns, or even 5 microns when the piece is set with a stone. (Good to know: gold-plated items sold elsewhere are commonly plated with just 1 micron, and sometimes as little as 0.5 micron – clearly not all 18k gold-plating is made equal). 

 The layering of high-quality materials ensures that our jewelry will remain beautiful and retain its shine for years to come. Because we stand by the quality of our jewelry, The Finds is happy to offer a ONE YEAR warranty on all products.
We are committed to making high-quality, long-lasting pieces but also making a positive impact on the environment and supporting responsible practices in the jewelry industry. 

Our sustainability highlights include:
Durability & Longevity
Responsibly manufactured &  Responsible Materials

As an ongoing project, The Finds supports the Princess Máxima Centre in the Netherlands. This oncology clinic is dedicated to treating children with cancer, while optimizing their quality of life throughout. 

 After one of the owners, Floor, had a personal encounter with leukemia - fortunately now all in the past - we decided that moving forward, 100% of the proceeds of our Lieve bracelet would go to the Princess Máxima Centre.
The Finds, run by Sonja van Welsenes, and her daughter Florence, started in 2019. ‘We started with affordable items meant to update the look of traditional jewelry worn daily like a wedding band, or a gift from parents. I’ve personally always enjoyed playing around with jewelry and creating new looks with existing items. Wearing a pendant from a necklace on an earring, or vice versa. During our design process we always consider how to combine new Finds with earlier Finds.’

What started out as a passion project quickly caught on. First among family and friends, then among a wider circle of fans. ‘Whenever I meet someone, I instantly think of a jewelry look that will go with their vibe. Everybody’s different, and our Finds look different on each individual.’ 

Based in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most famous jewelry destinations, The Finds is proud to collaborate with a group of expert craftspeople. Our mission is to present a refined collection of jewelry with a golden glow that highlights a woman’s inner glow and unique personality, adds some sparkle to her style, and inspires her to share that sparkle.